What Happens When you Let a Baby Wander Around a Swimming Pool

Will she fall in? See what happens to the baby when we let her roam free around the swimming pool.

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Every week is a new adventure Exploring new pools, Trying new things, and meeting new people. So jump in with me, because life is fun when you JUST ADD WATER!
Join us every week to find out where we’ll take you next! We love swimming in the swimming pool during the summer but we also swim all year round including wintertime.

The Texas Pool is the Official Pool of Elizabeth Swims

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  1. My anxiety is killllllllllllliinnnn meeeee🤯🤯🤯🤯If nothing else they could hurt their mouth sliding or sliipping off the concrete into the pool..crazy

  2. Thankyou for filming. My ones are grown up now but i realise the dangers. Those babies are so small and so fearless! They sure move quick! 😯

  3. A very dangerous thing I've seen was a child going around an empty swimming pool. All it took was one wheel going over the edge.

  4. Бедный ребёнок, самостоятельный,но безхозный,и летом на ребенка памперс одеть,может только враг.А мальчишка лапочка

  5. Onde estão os responsáveis por essa criança?
    Como deixa um BB a beira da piscina sem supervisão?
    Imperdoável 😢

  6. Great video, it shows you just fast these little ones can move. things can happen in. Blink Of and eye 💁🏻‍♀️

  7. This why parents shouldn't be parents. Because they don't have brains to keep a eye on a small child let alone a baby walking around a pool & got in not once but twice.they need thier children taking. It makes me sick to that video.

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