We Built Modern Technology Forest Villa With Swimming Pool & Water Slide

We Built Modern Technology Forest Villa With Swimming Pool & Water Slide

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  1. Hard working,and you made our day❤️we loved your vdeo and it just unique video….and everything is so perfect!!!!well you gave us inspiration..Moral of the story: nothing is impossible if u keep trying,wrk hard and never giveup…who says only people who got degrees can success??who says that??❤️

  2. Todo es mentira tu canal ya ha sido desmentido y todo este tiempo has estado engañando alos supscritores ocupan Mas erramientas que solo esos dos Palos para cavar y tu machete en si Asta en los Palos se ve que son cortados con Sierra

  3. The cement cant be made that way easy and perfect.sure have some other people's help them to do it.however its really great to see their hardwork.

  4. They always made these swimming pools without a drain or a filtering system, I wonder how much chlorine they will have to put after few days…

  5. It's very close to wattle and daub techniques of the British Isles. I would love to see these guys put there own twist on it. I would also like to see time lapses of these builds to see how they hold up. Or even videos where they revisit past builds to see if they are still around.

  6. You guys are radical ! 😁🤩
    And who is "surviving" and coping, and flourishing and finishing the job safe and sound ? Happy campers.
    And without degrees in marketing, law and medical ?
    You people are. Just incredible.
    Good size witchety grubs.
    Thankyou for your video.
    You're astounding. 🫑🧭⚓

  7. Where are the "modern technologies"? I think you should start evolving your constructions by for example cooking bricks and creating an acqueduct and sewage system

  8. I fail to see the "modern technology" its mud, bamboo and crushed termite mounds. Pool filled in with clay pots. This "tech" is 100's of 1000's years old.

  9. Do they stay and maintain the property? Or is this build strickly for YouTube?…
    I can see them leaving after the build is complete, too go back too they're more realistic lives and homes…
    Blessings James…

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