VLOG: Swimming with Felize, Meryenda time + more!

Now that I am a mother, I should think of the best decision for myself and my family as well.

I prefer the easier and quicker way to prepare our breakfast, lunch, merienda and also our dinner. I am so happy that I have to get a chance to try this Gaabor Electric Air Fryer.

I love the product since it is a high-quality appliance brand and cooking made easy talaga. I must say that this is my new best friend in the kitchen. ❤️

If you also want to try and get this Gaabor Electric Air Fryer, you can check out on Shopee.
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  1. Im addicted with your vlog since felize is out!! She's super duper cute!!!!🥰🥰 Nakakagigil. Haist gusto kona din ng baby felize🥺

  2. Hi,question? Where did you buy that baby swing? I need it for my baby Andi.
    Hope to hear from you.thanks

  3. Happy to see you both from pbb to now….your love story we hope never ends…
    From pbb,love team, separate ways, patched up and now with beautiful baby….

  4. Super sweet nyo nppa smile aq everytime n nppanood q to 🥰 love ur family🙏stay sweet and God Bless

  5. Nakakatuwa naman kau panoorin
    Spread love 😬🥰❤️love this family so much
    Mclise forever ❤️

  6. Nakaka wala ng stress yung smile mo ate elisse, pagpatuloy mo lang po yung pagba vlog we will support you always!🤗 We love you po lagi ko talagang aabangan yung susunod mong vlog hindi nakakasawang panoorin🥰

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