Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas To Compete For NCAA Championship

Lia Thomas, a swimmer from the University of Pennsylvania, will compete this week to become the first Division One openly transgender athlete to be crowned a national champion. NBC’s Blayne Alexander reports for TODAY.

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  1. Look at "her" Adam's apple, that's a big one! Sucked competing against men, prolly screams woman's rights then goes and violates women's rights by thinking this is ok… typical of all the snowflakes. Funny thing is, everytime someone like this is asked do you care for women's rights? Of course they'll say yes, then when asked about why they are belittling women's rights by thinking its ok to compete against women as a biological male every single one of them has a 8 year old meltdown.

  2. i would hope usain bolt to transgenderize and run with women and win more gold for the rest of life

  3. Women are allowing this disgrace to continue by not boycotting this bs. You have the power women… don't race! Let that man swim alone. See what the authorities do then

  4. This will never be accepted. Not by any sane society. The solution is obvious. There needs to be men's teams, women's teams, and trans teams for those who have athletic ambitions.

  5. Hilarious they literally allowed that huge man to compete against these little women the f*** happened to the world

  6. If she wasn’t winning im the mens division initially and suddenly winning in the womens division then it it would logically std that she has an physical unfair advantage even if she doesn’t want to admit it .

  7. IF Michael Phelps got his WINKIE cut off he could come back and swim at the next Olympics !!!,, he could do all the events in the women's events all strokes ,, he could be the First FEMALE to get 30 Gold Medals at one Olympics

  8. The travesty of the progressive agenda. Jesus please come back already! This world is completely twisted and wicked.

  9. Where are the Feminists?? Men who say they are Transgender women ARE GOING TO BE THE END OF WOMEN'S SPORTS AND IT'S NOT TRANSPHOBIA OR BEING A SAWLOSER for calling Lia Thomas and other so call transgender woman out.

  10. So if I choose to be a girl, can I keep my beard? I'm just asking because I'm confused. Is being a woman a state of mind or do I have to actually look like a women?

  11. The fair solution is simple. Do away with mens and womens sports since those terms mean nothing any longer and have only male and females sports.

  12. Down with TRUMP and his supporters !!!! Stop trans hate !!!!! No more Americ-KKK !! Trump supporters need to be silenced and censored immediately !!!!

  13. What a shame. He csn csll himself whatever he wants, but he's a dude. Quit with this dumb culture …

  14. When you hear the reporter say "her" . I simply pause the video and scroll to comment section.

  15. America have been so open minded that our brains have fallen off. In the name of openess we have been open to everything our Mind have been CLOSED

  16. lets see who would complain first if a transgender athlete decides to compete in mma or boxing for example. the sjw's would be the first ones to moan

  17. Does your voice make you feel trapped? Because it certainly traps me into believing you're a man. You're more manly than me, Mr. Lia

  18. Freaking sickening this man is being called a champion litterally a loser in even playing field went to women's sports so he can win. All women should not swim when he is competing. Show me one women that has went to pro men's sports snd broke records

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