1. Tim I agree with most of what your saying BUT unless your going to pay those cops that have a wife and kids you might want to rethink them quiting their job. Those female athletes, if they come out telling their names are you going to stand by them physically and protect them? It's easy to say quit or say your name when it's not your family or your ass on the line.

  2. WTF? Just look at what's happening to J. K. Rowling. She's a billionaire and these lunatics are trying to ruin her life and taking her franchise from her because she is speaking out. What do you think is gonna happen to these unknown swimmers?

  3. Also women’s sports are separate for a reason to protect them from exactly this. Every dude who has ever participated in sports would love to compete in the other division and destroy everybody

  4. What if they add trans divisions to invitational events? Would that be equality? Yes. Would they claim discrimination? Yes.

  5. Why can’t we have separate sporting events for trans-men and trans-women? Wouldn’t that be inclusive enough while maintaining fairness? It’s not our fault that there are only 3 people in that category to compete against

  6. Simple, they have to compete in their birth gender. And if they are doping up they should be ineligible just like any other athlete doping.

  7. still cant be bothered about a man vs woman (that said … i DETEST that man for doing it, but thats not my point here)
    as long as all the so called feminists stay quiet and nothing is done about this on this subject .. i will not be bothered either..
    make it a 3 classes in sport … a male… a female and … an antisocials that want to steal woman sport-prizes .. i mean a trans group 😉

  8. Tim, you’re expecting a teenager to publicly speak out and possibly ruin their college chances. Not to mention, high school and being a teenager is hard enough; it’s not reasonable to expect them to speak openly. There are some brave kids out there, but not everyone can withstand the mental toughness it takes to deal with the social repercussions and/or financial hardship that it can cause. I understand we need to speak up, but there are A LOT of reasons why people don’t. We shouldn’t judge their situation because we are not them.

  9. It’s happening is soooo many sports. My daughter has been dealing with this for a couple years now and she just turned 14. They are taking over our sports. Female sports will eventually be taken over by biological males if we don’t do something now.

  10. Tim confirmed sexist by saying women have no chance playing against men, even when playing against men that are not good enough and become women.

  11. It is just the situation not be in their favor they quickly turn against the ideology.
    It is really funny, to be honest.
    Hope it conmtinues for the next few years, they deserve it.

  12. about the guy running on metal blades. less muscle means less lactic acid buildup. his hip joints work as well as any biped. unfair advantage.

  13. Tim, you are being a wee bit unfair. It's been your dayjob for over a decade to keep up with what's happening. Normal people have lives not intangled with the culture war. You can't hold them to your own high standard.

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