There's only one rule: no swimming in this pool, or you'll die

There’s only one rule: no swimming in this pool, or you’ll die

A killer targets a group of recent high school graduates who are in competition for a cash prize for the fastest team to slide down the park’s water slides. A combination of tiny bikinis and gory dismemberment in this murder mystery.

Movie: Aquaslash
Year of Release: 2019
Production companies: Productions Guérilla (Aquaslash) | Blackpills | Rockzeline
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  1. me knowing I wouldn't die because I'm afraid of enclosed/tight spaces and all the slides are tubes 😎

  2. This really happened but with a group of boys in Canada Olympic Park sliding trak crash, where twin brothers were killed …

  3. If she was doing this to get back at her husband and get the money why kill the 2 life guards at the begiining?? Plus, killing other ppl who had nothing to do with it made no sense.

  4. Too predictable
    Although, the murder tho was, honestly the best part, like who'd have thought to put blades on a water slide
    I give it a 9/10, only because the murder was just, awesome

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