The Perfect Exercise (Butterfly Swimming)

Entertainment, mental health, Longevity, increased muscle mass and cardiovascular endurance. Those are the main benefits that the perfect exercise should give you.
We will see each of the benefits and why I spent more than 20 years thinking butterfly swimming wasn’t for me.

Some of the top butterfly technique tips are:
1- The center of gravity of your body is near your belly button, but the center of buoyancy is closer to your lungs. Gravity wants these two points to line up. When butterfly swimming you will use your body to push the center of buoyancy below the center of gravity. Then gravity, your arms and your feet will help you go up. That is the basis of the undulation. Chest down, hips up, hips down, chest up.
2- Your head weighs around 5 kilos. If you move it up and down, it can be an excellent counterweight for the rest of your body.
3- In the recovery, your arms go straight. They should pass a couple of centimeters above the surface of the water, but no more. Your elbows should not be bent, nor your hands too high.

4- There are two kicks per stroke. The second kick must end at the same time as the stroke.

5- The movement of the arms in the water forms a butterfly.

00:00 – The benefits of butterfly swimming.
00:22 – Longevity
01:05 – Build muscle
01:45 – Entertainment!
02:03 – Mental Health
03:13 – Cardio
04:09 – Butterfly Risks
04:34 – Butterfly Swimming Technique

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