How to Swim Backstroke For Beginner Adults

New to swimming? Master the backstroke with these technique tips. Thanks to Airofit for sponsoring this video! Save 15% on their Breathing Trainers with code MySwimPro: 🤓 Read the blog: Chapters: 0:00 Intro 1:20 Head Position 2:14 Pull 3:06 Kick 3:31 Backstroke Perks 5:33 Backstroke Mechanics and Drills 🤑 Invest in MySwimPro: 📲 MySwimPro Training… Continue reading How to Swim Backstroke For Beginner Adults

How to swim

In this video you will learn how to swim from a total beginner to feeling comfortable in the swimming pool and sea. I recommend that you have someone who already know how to swim watching for your own safety. How to tread water: How to float on your back: Hope this helps and that you… Continue reading How to swim