Swimming With SHARKS in Hawaii

Swimming With SHARKS

Welcome to sharkweek y’all! In today’s video my dad and I overcame our fear of sharks and went free diving with them in Hawaii. This was an absolutely insane adventure because there was no cage… just us and some big old galapagos sharks in the middle of the ocean! Are they nice? We find out in today’s travel vlog.

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  1. I think shark week messed lots of people up you see uh humans see sharks as the enemies when we are the enemies, crocodiles have killed more humans than sharks do. Sharks mistakes us for surfboards and turtles you see sharks are the prey and us humans are the enemies we NEED sharks they are the white blood cells of the sea they make sure the ocean doesn’t die. So for whoever thinks sharks are the enemy stop thinking that way please we need sharks there’s a reason why they exist.

  2. I love sharks that is my fav animal it is my teachers fav animal too I think I wouldn’t go swimming with them but they are so cool

  3. You look exactly like olive from manifest!! I watched you as a kid and you look exactly like her. Just different hair.

  4. Its no nice how Jordan talked about shark endangerment. i have never seen someone so thoughtful and grateful. keep it up jordan!

  5. Hi pretty Jordan🙋🏻‍♀️…you r such a positive and happy person. Love to watch your videos. Love from Malaysia🤩

  6. Jordan you so brave to swim with sharks……I could never do that……yeah it's best "NOT" to touch them 'cuz you don't know how they will react……you are now my hero!

  7. On Friday I'm gonna pet my dream animal a sloth! Its my favorite animal! I almost cried when my parents told me!

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