Swimming: Men's 200m Butterfly Final | Tokyo 2020 Replays

Hungary’s Kristof Milak won the 200m butterfly and set an Olympic record time of 1:51.25, breaking Michael Phelps record of 1:52.03 set in Beijing 2008. Milak was followed by Japan’s Honda Tomoru who took silver and Italy’s Federico Burdisso, who placed third.

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games took place in Japan, from July 23, 2021 to August 8, 2021


  1. Seeing this after he changes coach gives me concerns. What if he loses his technique? He was doing pretty good with his coach for the last 8 years IMO.

  2. The best ever at this distance and a contender at the 100 distance also. Milak is likely the only man who can swim sub 1:50 in this event over the next 20 years. WR at 1:50.73, and even then it wasn't a perfect race, and he still has some room for improvement.

  3. Gotta make a thug life meme with Milák in the water after winning the gold. It's as if he didn't even care 😂

  4. Interesting race. Leader in lap 1, conserved his energy in the 2nd and sealed it in the last 2. He should do 50m as well

  5. I like his seriousness and straightforwardness. He talks with his work rather than using too much words, spares no time for unneeded things. I'm on the European side. Swimming is unfortunately becoming a show…

  6. Challenge question: and a help???
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    You are the champions helo me become my own champion in my life olympics

  7. Milak expressionless. Looked arrogant! looked dissapointed! Looked like he is disappointed he won the gold medal! What a snob!

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