Swimming/ Lost Dog?!

Aidan had an awesome birthday! I chose to keep a lot of his birthday private just because I believe that’s what Aidan would have preferred. HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY!!! You are so loved! He kept shrieking SO loudly at the pool because he was excited; but everyone was so kind and good spirited about the extra noise. He had such a good day!

#specialneeds #autism #birthdayfun

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  1. Lots of people used to dump dogs where we used to live. We ended uP with lots of dogs over the years. With the exception of the baby wolf my niece thought was a puppy and brought home! We made her put it back where she found it

  2. This is such a weird forced vibe I’m getting….. all my support, but strange indeed.

  3. Growing up my curfew was dark30 that is the only time I have heard night called anything but night or evening.

  4. I have a question: what is zoey’s preferred name? I’m asking because I feel like there name keeps changing and I don’t wanna miss name them

  5. The beginning of this video made me sad I hate to watch you apologize for things you do you're an amazing person so special and it just hurts me because you're so wonderful

  6. where's your other son I wish I could be able to see you more. and I hope the kids are doing well

  7. What about tea for caffeine. I drink ‘black tea’. English breakfast teabag hot water some do milk and sugar too

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