Swimming in 1,000 WATER BALLOONS!! Playing in the Pool and family Helicopter Ride at pirate island!

welcome to our backyard PiZZA PARTY!!


Best Helicopter Day Ever 1223

Jenny starts out with our vlog today. Baby Navey just work up and she is finishing her nap time routine, when they look at the backyard swimming pool and see Adley, Niko Bear, and I filling up 1,000 water balloons. Not for a water battle, but to swim with, like that time we put ball pit balls inside our pool spa hot tub.

Navey and Jenny come outside and start helping us fill up the pool with the balloons. You know how i said this wasn’t for a water battle, well, it turns into one. Niko Bear tosses a balloon at Jenny, Adley pops one over Niko’s head, and Navey helps mommy push dad into the pool!! I love it!! love all the family fun we have together in our backyard and its even better when we have a pizza party on top of it. Once all the balloons are filled up, its time to go swimming.

After swimming in a river of water balloons, Adley comes up with a brand new game, where Jenny is in the pool, and tries to get Niko Bear and Adley with Water balloons while the jump on the trampoline. While we play this game, we forgot to show you another best day ever where we all went on a helicopter ride at pirate island.

Our homies at Bucked Up energy came to visit, and instead of driving, they landed a helicopter right by the pump track!! it was soo cool. they let the kiddos look around and pretend play they are flying to Disneyland or dinosaur land, and then Adley and Niko Bear give them all a tour of pirate island.

After all the tours are done, we get a chance to go flying!! This will be Adley and Niko Bear’s first time flying in on! Its soo cool seeing pirate island from the above. We fly out to Antelope Island, where we see tons of birds, some really beautiful mountains, as well as a lot of buffalos!! That was my favorite part! We even flew out soo we could see our house, and the skate park, and all of our backyard from the sky! So cool!! I love making this memory with the family.

Back to the present, its time for bed at our house so we are wrapping up another best day ever with good night kisses from Navey and Niko Bear turning into a cereal monster or animal making a huge mess in the house!! lol Best Day Ever stuff!!

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