1. Robert was just lending a hand, I suppose he was never meant to stay. After their incipient years ( to call incipient to a band who put out The Scream, Join Hands and Kaleidoscope is a crime), as they entered the new decade, every and each album released was a bombastic challenge to our senses. Even Tinderbox has its moments, though it's the album when the band decided to make some financial justice to their 10-year legacy then ( and very rightfully so). In 20 years, they went from screaming like the Banshees they were on the watery stage of the 100 Club and the Roxy London, to mega-stardom without prostituting themselves, ending it all in a haze of glory with The Rapture, their last and allegedly BEST album ever, inviting Cale to work on some songs but not all, from what I infer from the press and the inlay notes. What else can we say? Better and greater than all the you-toos and cures from those islands, they were the truthful survivors and conquerors of said punk turmoil that shook some tv presenters and emepees. Who needs Jim Morrison when you've got Sioux?

  2. Falling in your, falling in your, in your arms, in your arms
    Fish on a line, learns to live on dry land
    Thrown back again to drown
    Kinder with poison than pushed down a well or a face burnt to hell

    Feel the cruel stones breaking her bones
    Dead before born, words fall in ruins but no sound
    She's dying of your shame
    She's maimed by your aim

    He gives birth to swimming horses
    He gives birth to swimming horses

    Fish on a line, walking on dry land
    But back in the water to drown
    We drown
    Floating in sky

    He gives birth to swimming horses
    He gives birth to swimming horses

    Take a ride on the tide with the assassin at your side
    The weightlessness under water
    Forgets in slow motion
    And washes pointless tortures

    He gives birth to swimming horses
    He gives birth to swimming horses

    Floating in sky like fishes can fly through your arms

  3. And Robert Smith was slim back in 84…Saw Siouxie and The Banshees in Paris (Espace Ballard) on March 25 th, 1984. Smith was on guitars. But the best Banshees guitarist was John Mc GEOCH..(RIP).
    "HYAENA" was just released…Still got my ticket somewhere in my "musical archives". TC MATIC was the supporting band…The singer Arno has a successful solo career for nearly 30 years now.

  4. I've never found Ms Sioux that attractive but I completely adore that whole sequence that starts at 2:53

  5. that was great, never saw that one before…this was when Robert Smith was the guitar player….i have seen them twice, always a huge fan, thanks for the video!!

  6. for me, it is closedly related to women in the middle est. their impossibility to be theirselves because of male dominated society

  7. Heh. I love that little smile she gives between 2:59 and 3:00. I remember loving this song as a small child and going into a trance listening to her enchanting voice as well as the beautiful instrumentation.

  8. Ah this was when Robert Smith was in the Banshees : )
    Hyaena is a fantastic album… in my top 3 with Juju and Tinderbox.

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