Swimming at 6am EVERYDAY for a Week… This Happened

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  1. You might say you must be at the fake it fake being on your period because you can't go swimming on your period first of all that's nasty you can but that's nasty and second like what is the water turns red or something like everybody's going to be like you like

  2. I wake up every morning 5 am to get to the school before 7:30 (that’s when my first lesson is starting) i don’t want more time of life before school thank you hahaha

  3. I want to swim soooo much but THE POOLS DONT BUDGE TO OPEN, so lets just cry together missing swimming and watching this….

  4. ive been swimming nearly everyday for a bit and its been really easy to manage my hair try using bio argan oil after it really helps !!!

  5. I used to go swimming after school everyday when I was younger and I LOVED it, but now I don't have any pools nearby that I can swim in and I miss it so much

  6. For me Swimming has kept my weight the same for like a couple years
    It did kinda help me lose a little weight cause I was a little chubby
    Plus it did make my hair really bad and my skin and fingers dry and peel a lot to the point it was bleeding for days

  7. I always eat a lot after my swimming training. And idk why I just eat more than my training friends and they look at me like a monster🤣

  8. i really feel like swimming is underestimated as a sport so thank u for making this and showing the struggles/challenges and pros of swimming

  9. Swimming lowers your core body temperature, making you hungry. Try a sauna, hot tub, or if your going to eat after, make it something hot. It will help.

  10. Yeah I agreed when you said there’s only old people swimming in the morning. I’ve never seen a teen it’s always old people in the lanes next to me.

  11. I’ve been on the swim team for 4 years and I can’t believe you could just just in the pool and start swimming at 6:00 in the morning which is something I will literally never get used to lol.

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