Swimming and Water Exercises in Your Hot Tub

The ThermoSpas Swim Spas and Exercise Spas can greatly benefit the body and help with physical therapy.

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0:10 — Swimming benefits to human health

Swimming is the only exercise that benefits every part of the human body. If all you do is swim, you can remain physically fit all of your life. It’s perfect for every age group. And unlike other forms of exercise, swimming offers a no impact workout. A new study by Dr. Joel M. Stager, University of Indiana, concluded that exercising in water actually slows the aging process by up to 20 percent. It provides benefits to respiration, muscle mass, bone density, cardiovascular activity and neurological functions.

Exercising in water offers many physical and mental health benefits and is a good choice for people who want to be more active. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has written about the health benefits of water-based exercises, which you can review here:

Though swimming offers many benefits, there are disadvantages of pool ownership, including: limited seasonal use, large space requirements, costly building code regulations, high degree of maintenance, expensive upkeep, and a detriment to the home’s resale value.

01:04 — ThermoSpa’s Spa Trainer — a response to the challenges faced by pool owners

In response to these concerns, ThermoSpas engineers designed the revolutionary swim spa, called the Spa Trainer. Large enough to accommodate up to 12 adults, the Spa Trainer features a powerful current that allows you to swim endlessly, while the other side provides the ultimate hot tub experience.

01:25 – The Spa Trainer swim spa is a combination hot tub, swimming pool, and exercise machine. Each Spa Trainer comes with two deep corner seats, a set of upper and lower bench seating areas, and two elegantly designed captain’s chairs, making it the ultimate hot tub experience. The other side has a set of jets that creates a current so strong; you can actually swim in place. It’s similar to a swimming treadmill, including valves that allow you to adjust the current for different types of swimming, along with structural bars for working out. A rowing attachment is included to give you a real workout and an optional underwater treadmill that’s perfect for power walking or jogging. The Spa Trainer is perfect for the entire family, especially for teaching kids to swim against the current. Plus, the Spa Trainer has been engineered like a portable hot tub, so it can be used year round. There is no costly installation and it is fully temperature controlled. The Spa Trainer insulation cover is energy efficient and dual cover lifters make opening and closing the Spa Trainer effortless. So whether you’re deciding between a hot tub, a swimming pool, or an exercise machine, ThermoSpas offers the perfect solution.

02:49 — The Spa Trainer costs very little to operate. Exercise and health benefits of using a swim spa. ThermoSpas Spa Trainer fits twelve adults. It is a combination of an exercise machine and therapy spa.

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