Swimmer’s Records Spark Debate Over Trans Athletes In Women’s Sports

A swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania is fueling the debate over transgender athletes in women’s sports after she previously spent three years competing on the men’s team before coming out as trans in 2019. NBC News’ Jo Yurcaba breaks down what rules apply to trans athletes and how the world of college sports is reacting. 

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  1. Women are being push overs, per usual. If it was the other way around, this wouldn't of even been a thing. It's unfortunately just a part of our DNA, we have historically always been more compliant. This shouldn't of been allowed to begin with and it should have never even been up for debate. Watching the MMA fight where the transgender woman almost broke that girls scull was heart breaking.

  2. Were STILL on this topic, there are millions of vids proving why trans in womens sports is an awful idea

  3. We need to run a study that shows that it’s inconclusive that men are stronger than women. Testosterone doesn’t really have any advantage. We just think it does due to gender stereotypes.

  4. This Jo Yurcaba reporter is delusional. It is hard to believe anyone actually thinks this would be a fair outcome. I have no issue if a person makes the decision of a trans lifestyle, but competing in women's sports should not be allowed.

  5. This will continue because Trans in women’s sports is an issue very close to Joe Biden’s heart. It was so important to him that he put it into effect the first day of his presidency . He was also open about this while campaigning. If you are unhappy- maybe next time research the issues a little instead of just voting for who Cardi B and the media told you to.

  6. I wish that more people would remind these activists that playing sports is a PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT. I would've loved to play sports when I was young but I was always the shortest, smallest and weakest female in my grade growing up. It's a shame but trans activists just make themselves look very self-serving and shameless when they try to make others feel bad for their views on this. They hurt their cause by pretending this is a right that transgenders should be extended, while shamelessly dismissing the girls that would be affected, not to mention numerous girls who would like to participate in sports but cannot, for a variety of reasons! If trans activists just wanted transgender people to have the same rights as others and to be socially accepted by society, they would quietly leave sports alone and just accept that not everyone has privileges, not to mention preferential treatment that would give them unfair advantages. Very shameful and unfortunately for them I think they have pushed their progress back 20 years or so. Why would society embrace a marginalized group that doesn't even welcome discussion on how this would affect the rights of girls, let alone support them! Just awful!

  7. This is absolutely absurd. He is a man with a man's body. We don't compete against identities, we compete against bodies and his body is a male. Tired of NBC news pushing these lies on the public. We all know this is a guy and this is UNFAIR. This is one of the reasons the people have lost trust on the media. Shame on you NBC "news"

  8. The demographic of female students in university is overwhelmingly liberal.. kind of a “reap what you sow” lesson here. It is unfair and a direct attack on women, but where are the feminists?? Oh that’s right, the feminists for years have been promoting this, and against masculinity. This male to female swimmer is their ideology.

  9. Those competing but more those allowing it you all Dumb AF Debate what I've done almost all sports & want to meet those face to face

  10. How is it that the MSM can lie so blatantly and think people are that stupid? Every scientific fact points to the reality that these men should not be competing with women regardless of any treatments.

  11. It’s videos like these that YouTube had to hide the dislike button not to protect small creators just more lies from big tech and leftist

  12. When I go to college, I’m not playing sports with trans “women.” Trans women in sports is exactly why there is “transphobia” or whatever in this world. Will not be playing with these people

  13. So you tell me you would let a 'biological male' compete against 'biological females', with all the biological differences in physique, just because he or she is transgendered? Provided that there are hormones and chemicals involves, are they enough to close the gaps in terms of physique?

  14. that is not a "she" people, that is guy that is able to cheat women out of their records and their hard work.

  15. I think this BS will stop the day Lebron James switches to WNBA and scores a 200 plus points on nightly basis. Good luck to women sports!

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