Swamp or swimming pool??

So this pool has been sitting for about 8 years! It was a tough job but me and @poolboyb4nners got the job done!!

The black staining was really bad on the floor but once the pool was filled Ip and there was chlorine In the stains were gone as you can see at the end of the video!!

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  1. Amazing job ! You cleaned it really good that was really dirty pool there was even things swimming in there

  2. Tinha que ter limpado fora,da piscina antes, tirado o mato limpar o o piso da beirada ,e depois a piscina mas enfim.. ficou bem melhor

  3. That sludge was so nasty, probably smelled nasty too, but you both cleaned it up so well! It probably needs to be sealed & painted now.

  4. I hope they resurfaced their pool… not a bad job, I think you’re pressure washed wasn’t powerful enough for the job

  5. You two dude's have gotta be the most boring YouTube channels out there, honestly there's no energy from you voice wise or workwise, a right couple of flumps

  6. Would have liked to see the job finished. The stained floor of the pool is unaccceptable and the paved surround should have been blasted..I cleaned pools in Australia for over ten years and customers would have not paid for the end result shown here.

  7. If you are going to do something then do it properly. The new owners really should have done exactly that and got a paint job on the pool to bring it up properly. You guys could have seriously transformed that pool if you were given the opportunity too.

  8. Hope all these acid chemicals are good for being put down drains. Just watch no one wants to fk your shit up and try complain just a thought

  9. That’s gotta smell so bad 🤮 This for sure is one of the dirtiest jobs. I’d just throw the whole pool away.

  10. Every time I watch these I always wonder why they don’t do the outside edges. It’s like cleaning floors and no counters. 😂

  11. That wasn’t a good job, the tools he used were very simple. I have seen other poolguys on youtube blast pools clean

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