Smiling Friends | OFFICIAL TRAILER | adult swim

The Smiling Friends are guaranteed to cheer you up! Unless they canโ€™t for some reason. Smiling Friends premieres Sunday, January 9th at Midnight on adult swim, February 9 on HBO Max.

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Smiling Friends | OFFICIAL TRAILER | adult swim


  1. That part where the shrimp dude screams after the shades open…that's such a true thing about some reclusive nerds out there

  2. Little reminder that the same person who gave us "Left4Speed";"Leo&Satan" and "Wingardium Leviosa" also worked on this

  3. I'm assuming they worried less about animation as opposed to the writing. But even as shoestring as the animation is, it works perfectly with the tone of the stories.
    I was hooked almost instantly.

  4. screw the age-restriction, imma watching this show legally.

    Such an amazing team that works so hard on this project.

  5. Was this song made for the show or is it from something else, ive been looking but cant figure it out but i really like it

  6. If this show gets cancelled I'm personally going to take a dump outside your office everyday till it's back on

  7. Having seen the reception for this show I canโ€™t help but think that one KaptainKristian Newgrounds video is starting to come true

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