Raccoon Swimming in Backyard Pool

Hi guys! Piper the raccoon took her first swim of the summer! Watch as she swims around, dives off her pool float, and explores a little nature too. Don’t miss the part where Piper’s goldfish crackers start drifting away!

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  1. when the first raccoon's left limb attempted to descend the first stair and lost its balance i was like "noooooooo :(("

  2. Looks like part 2 of Tito raccoon pool party but this time his owner joins with him for the fun.

  3. Nobody:
    Absolutely no one:
    not a single soul:
    Dad :hey son what you watching
    Me: just watching a raccoon swim for its life

  4. i dont know if the racoons name is piper or cheetoh HAHAHA 😂 lovely raccc 🔥😍😍😍

  5. ok so there's to baby racoons in my basement stealing and there like not coming out but there so cute could you guys give me edifice??? Please i dont want to hurt them there to precious UnU

  6. They are amazing animals. Last summer I had a family living under my house. I fed them. They would knock on my door when they wanted to eat. They are very smart.

  7. I have two pet raccoons named Greedus and Coonella🥰They’re amazing and very curious. They touch everything with their hands!

  8. Тито, Чито и Пайпер – славные еноты, Попали в хорошие, добрые руки. Будьте счастливы!

  9. She did very well. I laughed when she got out of the pool and headed right into her carrier. I suppose she'd had enough swimming for the day? lol

  10. If there's chlorine in the pool, isn't that harmful for animals ?? Just wondering. Racoons are so awesome.

  11. Wicked little Swimmer that Cheeto, oh wait is that Piper? She has gotten big if so. I want one of these sweet creatures like I was meant to be a RACCOON Momma. I just wish I knew how to get one. Thats so mean in those blasted floaties. Always capsizing under my weight. Haha. Always about the reach…reach too far and in you go head first.

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