Olympic Swimmer Caeleb Dressel Breaks Down Swimming Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports

Multiple gold-medal-winning Olympic swimmer Caeleb Dressel breaks down swimming scenes from movies, including ‘Sex Education,’ ‘Swimming for Gold,’ ‘Castaway,’ ‘Pride,’ ‘Swimming Upstream,’ ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ and ‘Just Go With It.’

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Olympic Swimmer Caeleb Dressel Breaks Down Swimming Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


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  3. Saving Wilson would have been difficult as he was already physically and mentally exhausted. And he is not a good swimmer

  4. So, are attractive people more likely to be athletes, or does being athletic make you attractive? I feel like this is a chicken or egg question…

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  6. That tan…😂😂😂some white people just can’t stand their white skin….it’s like they are so ashamed of being white..lol

  7. That's the difference between a pool swimmer and an open water swimmer. You forget about things like currents.
    IIRC at that point in the movie he'd been on the water for a few days at least so he was most likely dehydrated and probably pretty hungry and weak too

  8. Your technique sucks, and you have no style. You're not even swimming in a real race. And no real coach uses a whistle. The water isn't even that choppy. At a high level, no one even breathes. So slow. Maybe everyone slipped and that's why it was bad. "A" for effort.

  9. I swam for a number of years in my youth. Mostly in dingy pools but there were certain meets that were held in a lake and trying to swim and see where you are going in that murky silt water was horrible.

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  11. Flashback to my swim lessons as a kid, sitting on the side of the pool and splashing water with our kicking and our teacher praising the ones that made the most splashes… and then this with Caeleb saying that the less splashes the better… wondering if my teachers knew what they were doing or just following a program? Oh and the mandatory breathing every three strokes that I was never able to do (could only breathe every 2 or 4)! Anyone else? 😂

  12. I love how in movies they can always see underwater, like every single movie with an underwater scene like they some fish or something

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