1. Wow, i'm so upset I never heard of them until this summer. :c they are truly legends, never disappoint

  2. 헐 이 노래 나왔을 때 많이 들었는데 여전히 좋네 근데 여전히 제목도 헷갈리네 ㅋㅋ

  3. 나중에 코로나 풀리고 해외여행 휴양지로가서 이노래 듣는게 버킷리스트임♡ 최애곡중하나 맨날들어도 안질려

  4. ONF will come back soon! They will release their 6th mini album Goosebums on December 3rd! Listen to the highlight medley of ONF's 6th mini album on ONF OFFICIAL channel.

  5. ONF is coming back soon! They're releasing their 6th mini album Goosebumps on December 3rd! Go watch the music video teaser 1.

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