Mom Warns Other About Dangers of Swimming In Quarries After Son Died

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Thousands of quarries exist across the country but some can be disastrous. Jonathan Baksh, 19, jumped into Martin’s Creek quarry in Pennsylvania in 2015, but he never made it back to land after suffering a cramp in the water. His mom was stunned when she found out her son was the second young man to die in quarry that year. Now, as the one year anniversary of her son’s passing arrives next month, she’s on a crusade to tell the world about the dangers of swimming in quarries. #InsideEdition


  1. There’s a rock pit sometimes my family and us would swim in . In the glades lol just gotta keep an eye on the gators

  2. A friend of mine drowned in a quarry in Germany..he got entangled in a roll of barbed wire ..stay OUT of Quarries..!!!

  3. They aren't hitting objects. Monster cats, and even other fish, and I even read about an octopus laying in a deep quarry, or reservoir.

  4. They didnt mention the source of the water. Quarry owners don't just flood their expensive machinery and work place with water. They strike water one day and it ruins the quarry permanently. This water comes in somewhere and sometimes it also goes out too. We had a spot in our local quarry in Mountain Home, AR where flotsam and debris would pile up on the surface of the water. Everyone knew not to get in there because it was where the water goes outwards and underground so if you got sucked into that spot you would die.

  5. I never understood why people swim in damns or quarries . It’s dangerous af cause you don’t know what lives there

  6. People don't know what is in side the quarries… Believe it or not the ghost of evil in the water… Pulling new people to take over the quarries.. believe it.🇸🇬

  7. watching this one remains me of when i was 5 years old, my 20th years cousin at the time would take me with him to the beach , my mom was surprised why he is babysitting me almost on daily basic , well until one day i didnt come home and tell my mom so excised hey mom i flew today and my mom didt get it right away until my cousin friend didnt came and told her not to let me go with him anymore cause he is jumping with me from 40 ft high cliff and then he throwing me first then he jumps after , well u guys guess he was kicked out of the house not long after. Well i survived many jumps, learned how to swim with being just 3 years old. But yes it is danger to jump from the cliffs.

  8. I would think it more concerning to hit the water at a bad angle and break your neck or back. No mention of that…

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