Make Your Freestyle Swimming Technique Smoother In 7 Steps!

Do you find freestyle swimming a real effort? Well, stay tuned, because Mark is here to provide some tips on how to make your freestyle stroke more smooth in 7 simple steps!

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  1. In watching the Olympics and all the swim trials, I noticed a big difference in the breathing patterns between men and women. In all of the races over 50 meters, the men all breathed every other arm stroke and were swimming gallop style, which is a quick 1, 2, and then slight pause before next arm stroke cycle. The gallop style swimmers also tend to porpoise more rather than swim straight line. The women were more of a 2, 2, 3 arm stroke cycle. Katie Ledecky is one woman who swims gallop style. After the Olympics, one swim channel coach mentioned this fact and stated that women differ in how they process lactic acid and oxygen so it is possible for them to do a different breathing style.

    I do prefer shorter distances, but do swim a 3 mile set once a week. I do like the rush I get from sprint sets, 25, 50, and 100. Only have a standard pool to swim in, no metrics here… Standard work out is about 1800 or so yards kicking and 4000 swimming. My kick needs a lot of work…. Favorite stroke is the old over arm side stroke, which was dropped from competition, in favor of the much slower breast stroke in 1900 because breast stroke was more gentlemanly because there was less splashing. Only record for it was set in 1895 when a swimmer from England swam 100 yards in 1:02.5. Not faster than freestyle, but faster than breast, and back stroke, and maybe even with the fly….

    Thanks for turning me on to Precision Hydration. I can now swim as long as I want with no cramp issues.

  2. I think we should stop calling swimming effortless…to limit drag you need to maintain a streamline position through core activation (far from effortless)….Then forward propulsion which requires pushing large amounts of water backwards through paddle like action…I don't hear anybody calling rowing effortless…Swimming is an intense whole body activity that is very enjoyable if you can get it right.

  3. Continuous learning from videos like this is an attitude. Many people pick up the stroke, can move in the pool, and they think it's already okay and stop learning, so you see many people swimming ugly and it doesn't change, especially with the freestyle.

  4. Search for Adam Ocean Walker technique for smooth and less injury free style of swimming especially on open waters.

  5. I’m more aware of having a better technique in the pool, but it goes all over when I swim in the Ocean. I try to remember and follow it but is harder with the chop and the waves. Is there a way to transfer the training from the pool to the open water?

  6. Best swim video you have done…and I have been watching your channel from the very beginning….keep up the great work.

  7. Good advices, but your swimming technique has some mistakes, your forward arm is at the low level, it should be straight horizontal for streamline position and smooth gliding.

  8. Excellent. It finally clicked today: proper rotation and just enough arm glide help reduce the front body resistance. Rotation is shoulders and hips in unison. This will really help me! I finally get it. Can’t wait for pool work tomorrow.

  9. Wooow looking good an amazing true 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️👍👍👍👍👍👍🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

  10. Correct me if I am wrong – in the clip it looks like too much of an angle when you rotate and on your right side, guess about 90 degree. Should or should not you rotate that much? Many thanks.

  11. "Lean into the catch,  put your body weight into the catch".   Never heard this advise and it sounds great!!!    I'm trying this first thing in the morning tomorrow.   Thank you!!!

  12. #gtncoachescorner Hi I’m a keen runner & do a bit of cycling from time to time. I can swim…to stop myself from drowning but that’s about it🤣 I’d love to do a triathlon at some point but have no idea how to build my swimming up so that I could complete a short distance triathlon. Any tips ?

  13. The last 3 points are what my swim coach is constantly telling me to do. “Use your lats! Rotation! And all the skills n drills!”

  14. One for coaches corner, started swimming again after a number of years away from the pool. After I get out the pool I feel very faint and sick. I don’t eat much before swimming – just a quick snack bar for energy about an hour before.

    Am I just going too hard early or could it be something else? Like going from horizontal to vertical position too quickly?

  15. Thanks for another great vid GTN🤙🏽! It’s the little things that seem to get me still. Great tip Mark about finishing the stroke. Will work on that this week. I’m also continuing to work on rotation, so the description of the right position was a good reminder. Any tips on how to increase stroke count? Im able to hit over 2k meter now, but at a nice easy pace. Would like to begin increasing my speed. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  16. Excellent video! Not a thing in it I don't agree with. Glad you started with body position, the more streamlined, the less effort.

  17. editors out partying too hard before this one? or is breathing every two strokes really just fine really just fine 🙂

  18. A great watch before a trip to the lake for todays session. Thanks guys, will take those stabilisers off!

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