Mac Miller – Making Of Swimming & Circles [Hawaii 2017]

Swimming and Circles are a dual body of work, conceived and realized between 2016-2018. These are some of those moments. Please enjoy.
Filmed in December 2017 in Oahu, Hawaii.

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  1. god i come back to this video every month. just seeing him in his element, enjoying life and being himself is so beautiful. truly such a beautiful soul. i listen to his music daily and share it with anyone I can. the fact that circles wasn't even a completely finished project, is so crazy to me. cannot even begin to imagine what beauty this man would be creating right now if he was still here. MOST DOPE FOREVER

  2. After a certain age they hit government wants em to die off the drugs and leave the biggest impact on his fans thats about to follow the same thing so the youth misleading is they agenda

  3. [sorry for my bad English] as an Asian depressed guy (getting better now), i can actually see myself in every of his movements, those lowkey laugh, those weird dance moves just like me all the time, tryna be cool, talking about cool shits, spending (10) years hiding negative thoughts from being revealed, then finally admit it and keep fighting n hoping for better days. Mac is actually gonna make it, just a little more, which makes it more heartbreaking for me to know he's gonna make it but in the other world.
    See ya later, Malcolm James McCormick

  4. the fact that it seems that the place he was staying at in oahu is a couple minutes from my house on the marina makes me feel like i shouldve atleast run into him once while he was around my area on Oahu, Hawaii.

  5. I hate how people call it swimming in circles. If you just say swimming circles. It sounds like swim in circles. No need to add in in between swimming and circles.

  6. I love this man so fucking much it hurts and it's crazy as hell….yet I also know that thousands or maybe millions of people feel the same exact way, men, women, and otherwise. He was a magical mystical messenger. That laugh should have won Grammys in itself.
    I think may favorite part of this beautiful, amazing, and important video showing how much light he still was shining so brightly, despite the shadows he wrestled with. I guess that's part of why he is so magical… ☯️💖🏊‍♀️♾️…anyway my favorite part is him in the studio with…?? Who is that??…also what studio did they use in Hawaii? Anyway again…lol…fave part when they have the slow motion dance battle and Mac slowly dramatically falls as his premium dance move 😂 and dude is like, 'youre always doing that falling on the ground shit. That shit be getting old… 😂😂😂🙌💖. Such love and good vibes man. #ComeBackToEarth #MalcolmWeLoveYou #92TilIInfinity

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