Learn To Swim – Step 3: Stroke Technique + Breathing Technique

Catch Position Roll + Freestyle Breathing – Front Crawl Technique
Step 3 of our learn to swim series.
The catch position is defined by the start and finish of the stroke. The catch position is when the stroke is at its longest. Learning the catch position progressions is key to establishing stability and the fundamentals of propulsion.

Captions available:
– தமிழ் மொழியாக்கமும் ( சப் டைட்டில்ஸ்-sub titles) உள்ளது.
– English
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Step 1 – Push and Glide:
Become balanced first with the push and glide. Balance ensures you are stable at the water surface, so when it is time to add propulsion, all work moves your forward instead of worming to stay at the surface.

Step 2 – Add Freestyle Kick:
Once you become balanced, you can then add a freestyle kick. Learn to read the movements of your kick to become efficient in the water.