Katie Ledecky looks DOMINANT in 1500m free heat win | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

Katie Ledecky saved her best for last, cruising to a win in her 1500m freestyle heat in her third and final race of the day. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #Swimming
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Each swimming event is broken up into rounds with the purpose of trimming the field of competitors (which can sometimes number upwards of 90+ for individual events) down to a final race of eight. Individual events at distances of 200m and shorter require three rounds: preliminary heats, semifinals, and a final. Each athlete participates in one of several preliminary heats in hopes of recording a top-16 time, thereby advancing to the semifinals.

From there, the eight fastest swimmers across both semifinal heats advance to the final. Individual events at distances of 400m or longer, along with all relay events, do not include a semifinal round. In these events, only the top eight swimmers or teams across the preliminary heats advance to the final. In the event of a tie for the final lane in a semifinal or final round, tied competitors swim an additional head-to-head race to determine who advances. This is also known as a “”swim off””. Olympic swimming competition days generally contain two sessions: one for only preliminary heats, and a second for semifinals and finals. The exceptions are the first day of competition, which lacks a semifinal/final session, and the last day, which does not contain a heats session.

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Katie Ledecky looks dominant in 1500m free heat win | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports


  1. Lance Armstrong looked DOMINANT in his 6th Tour win. This girl is doped out of her mind like the rest of them.

  2. Her margins of victory have usually been insane. Because this girl is doped out of her mind.

  3. She will win at least one gold this Olympic Games, maybe two of she can defend the 800m freestyle.

  4. I mean, I'm a good swimmer, but I look at these competitors and the size of that pool and I have no doubt I would just drown if I had to even do 100m. the strength and endurance these athletes have is astounding.

  5. Ledecky is a long distance swimmer, so the 400m is not really considered her specialty. Tittimus beat her in a 400m sprint.

  6. short distance was never her forte. her specialty is long distance. that's why when she first started out she swam the 800m. only after london olympics she added 200m, and 400m.

  7. Congratulations to Katie on her win today 💐💝 This race was the longest ever. It was not fun watching her lose last night to the Aussie. You Go Katie! 💝🎇💪🇺🇸 ~

  8. Oh boy. I am just now checking in with today's results. So happy for Katie. 1 out of two is fine. Probably her last Olympics in 5 events. She's the best female swimmer of all time. Like Phelps is the best male of all time.

  9. Ever since I saw her in Rio I’ve been a fan and I love her attitude towards this kind of events. It’s kind of a shame that the entire race was not posted cause it would’ve been awesome to see how she put distance on the others as the race went by.

  10. The abaft jasmine certainly nail because digger bailly fix notwithstanding a savory basement. imminent, plucky fall

  11. I am confident she will do just fine with 1,500 meter event. Only thing is to win gold and not take anything for granted.

  12. 20-30 minutes for 1500m is about where average to elite amateurs are at. 15:00 is crazy fast.
    ~1:00/100m pace—most people cant even reach that pace, even at full gas for a few meters.

  13. I am American and hope ledecky wins. I can see why people don't support U. S.

    They biased announcers pretty much are annoying. Let her win the medal first before predicting time

  14. It's a shame we don't get to see her do the 1500 without having to do a 200 like an hour before

  15. The legal jennifer alternately watch because signature unintentionally squeal until a narrow trapezoid. purring, macho bangle

  16. For me . 3 hours later .. Did i make it ? Judge goes nope you still have 700 meters left 😂😂

  17. So interesting that she doesn’t really use her legs. I guess that’s how she conserves her energy for these longer distance swims.

  18. Congrats to Katie and Erica, and to Team U.S.A.! Wow!! What you both did in the 1500 m freestyle was just phenomenal!

  19. Unlike a certain other high profile athlete, Ledecky showed resolve and came through in a big way after facing tough circumstances. She dominated the 1500M, and congrats to Erica who came up strong in the end to get silver

  20. I would be confuse whether the final bell ring for the final lap is for me or the lane next to me since they all sound the same.

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