How To Swim Breaststroke | Technique For Breaststroke Swimming

Breastroke might just be the hardest swimming stroke to master, but if you can get it right then it can be a great alternative for you! Mark & Fraser are here with a step by step guide for you develop your own stroke!

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Breastroke might just be the hardest swimming stroke to master, but if you can get it right then it can be a great alternative for you!

It requires coordination, good timing & patience for you to develop it!

Mark & Fraser are here with a step by step guide for you develop & master your own stroke!

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  1. Breaststroke is my best stroke lol. It's the only stroke I can do without going into the red. I can't freestyle more than 25m. Does freestyle really have a huge advantage over breaststroke in a triathlon??

  2. Hi guys! Could you please make more videos about the other strokes apart from crawl and maybe some more technique drills? Cheers!

  3. Wouldn't it be easier to describe it as Flying Superman Position (face down) then next Part The Waves with hands (as head emerges for air) then submerge/Frog Legs Kick to shoot forwards into the original facedown Flying Superman Position?

  4. Breastroke is an easy stroke to learn as a beginner particularly as you get your breathing sorted out because you get enough time to breathe infront as opposed to freestyle where u breathe sideways and quickly. However breastroke is a slow strike and not efficient if you have to swim over 5 kms especially the kick can injure your legs and back.

  5. As a fan of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, I now have a newfound respect for Nagisa, who specialises in this swim method. Tried it out this morning and my triceps, lats, and the backs of my thighs are hurting! Sucked the energy out of me, so I had to break it down in parts: arms, kick, and breathing. Thanks for the informative video! I'm certainly improving with your works.

  6. Actually I have just watched a video where they say you shouldn't kick
    the same time as you do the hand stroke. But here the swimmer does just

  7. why do some people do the snap on breaststroke? where they come.out of the water like 18 inches up to their chest. especially girls. Is it a girl technique? I figure to get from point a to b, you want leas total distance. the snap is adding distance if you draw that line. I won all my races growing up keeping close to the water and staying streanline

  8. One serious fact is missing from the vid: Timing the kick to the arm movement – WHEN to kick? I mean it is visible in the video "more or less", but a detailed instruction would be helpful.

  9. To me this is the most intuitive stroke of all. Breathing is effortless because the upward thrust of the pull phase naturally makes your head surface to take a breath.

  10. For me breast stroke is more difficult than the free style. I'm so much slower swumming breast stroke and I get tired faster

  11. i never was able to start with this technique. my legs were always sinking to the bottom even though I was trying to do everything like it should. i can do backstroke and freestyle. i might need to try it again with this video as it shows the technique pretty well.

  12. Bro this looks so hard. I went to the public swimming pool for the first time in 5 years recently and instead of jumping or sliding like I used to I just wanted to swim for a change so here I am, cuz everyone in that pool was like a pro and I wanna become as good as them. Maybe I should ask them for tips as well x)

  13. Breast stroke is easy…front crawl is a bitch though, almost impossible (for me) to get that done properly

  14. I woke up today and decided I want to do a triathlon despite having minimal swimming experience. Got the gear for my bike today and just reserved a swim lane for the morning – can’t wait to practice the tips you guys gave!

  15. Whenever I do breaststroke, Freestyle, Butterfly, or any stroke that I have to come up to breath I always end up out of breath so when I come up to breath it’s like I get no air.

  16. Man I’m about to start practice in like ten minutes, this is going to help so much. Subscribed and liked!

  17. I personally find this one of the easiest strokes to do, but it is very difficult to master due to the timing needed to be really efficient with this stroke.

  18. How would you break learning the technique down into sessions swimming twice a week? There's a lot going on so don't want to fail at everything by focusing on too many things all at once.

  19. The kick kills me. I don't go anywhere. I end up doing the dolphin kick the whole way just so I can get from one side to the other without drowning. Yeah, I'm a bad swimmer.

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