How To Make Mini Swimming Pools in Simple Cardboard House with Water Wells ❤️ DIY Miniature House

❤️ Welcome to Cardboard World !!! My name is Alice ❤️

I love to make miniature house for you. Summer is comming. I really want to have swimming pools in my house so today I make my dream house. It’s has bedroom, kitchen, water wells and big swimming pools from cardboard, paper and clay. I really like that house design. I hope you will like my house and have relaxing time watching my video. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBCRIBE for my channel. Thank you ❤️
0:00 | Intro video Cardboard World. I’m will show you my house and some stuff I will make in this video.

0:48 | How To Make Mini Swimming Pools in Simple Cardboard House with Water Wells ❤️ DIY Miniature House

12:16 | Final house reveal

Title :
( English ) How To Make Mini Swimming Pools in Simple Cardboard House with Water Wells ❤️ DIY Miniature House # 595
( Español ) Como Hacer Mini Piscinas en Casa de Cartón Sencilla con Pozos de Agua ❤️ Casa Miniatura DIY #595
( Português ) Como fazer mini piscinas em casa de papelão simples com poços de água ❤️ DIY Miniature House # 595
( 한국어 ) 우물이 있는 간단한 골판지 집에서 미니 수영장을 만드는 방법 ❤️ DIY 미니어처 하우스 # 595
( 日本人 ) 井戸のあるシンプルな段ボールの家でミニプールを作る方法❤️DIYミニチュアハウス#595
( Hindi) पानी के कुओं के साथ साधारण कार्डबोर्ड हाउस में मिनी स्विमिंग पूल कैसे बनाएं ❤️ DIY मिनीचर हाउस # 595_________________________________________________________________________________
Dear all my friends,

We love a TINY things, MINIATURE HOUSE and MINI items. And We wanna share our PASSION with all people in the world !
“Over 1.9 billion people log into YouTube every month” so i created this channel and build some cute things from cardboard and daily supplies, Recycling them and make some things good from discarded items also cardboard. I wanna share my stories, wanna creating something cute for the world and give you guys relax time with my videos.

I also wanna teach you make something cute, bring good things to the world, bring great videos to you !
We specializes in creating small houses and pretty small objects with easy-to-implement materials.
Our Chanel Not Suitable for children 13 years and younger.

Would you like to join with us on this exciting journey – the journey called Cardboard World?

If you have any IDEA please COMMENT babe, i will build it for you with all my love ❤️
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