How to Fix a Hole in Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner Underwater Repair

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How to Fix a Hole in Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner Underwater Repair

Fixing a leaky vinyl liner with holes in it can be done by homeowners, however we recommend calling a professional pool diver who can inspect your liner and make any patch repairs on site. We explain and show you the process of how to apply a vinyl patch underwater with our GoPro camera.

Contrary to popular belief, the patches that are used need to be wet. The glue is applied to the patch poolside before diving back to the location of the hole.

Steps to Repair a Hole in Liner:
1) Using a swim mask or googles, identify where the hole is that needs to be patched
2) Using a new piece of vinyl, Cut a patch that is slightly larger than the hole
3) Apply bonding cement (glue) to the underneath side of the patch and lightly fold in half so the glue is on the inside
4) Swim back to the area and apply the patch
5) Use an adequate amount of pressure when applying the patch to the liner, being careful not to slide it
6) Run your finger around the edge of the patch to secure it and wipe away any excess glue that may have been squeezed out from under the patch

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