How Often Should You Swim? | Get Faster, Lose Weight

We get asked all the time, “how often should I be swimming?”

So, in this episode of #WhiteboardWednesday, we’re explaining how your weekly swimming schedule makes an impact on your performance in the water!
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0:00 Introduction
1:10 Determining How Often to Swim
3:32 What is Your Fitness History?
4:15 Consider Other Training
4:55 How to Structure Your Workouts
7:59 Sample Workouts


  1. hoy do you recover from residual fatigue? ive been going three times per week and feeling better, more strong and flexible (i have a back injury) but specially arm and shoulder muscles seem to never quite recover 100%

  2. I am currently doing calisthenics (been consistent for 1 year now, so I wouldn't call myself advanced) and I am interested in swimming, been so for a long time. I am currently working out 2-3 times (full body) a week. I was thinking to fit in one day of swimming a week and 2 full body workouts. Would this be worth it? Combining it that way? I'm mainly want to swim for cardio / endurance. Would I get any benefits? Any thoughts?

  3. I do open water swimming cause i couldnt go to the gym cause of the epidemic, and i fell in love with the water.I used to go 4 times per week, stay in the water for one hour plus.40min swimming and 20-30 min water exercises.For swimming i do 3 different styles.4 sets every style, its like 50 reps per set with 10sec cooldown with lets say average speed .My goal is to loose weight .Is that enough?

  4. What is a good swim watch? I have been swimming for the last 2 months. I am starting to develop the swimmer's physique. I am loving my broad shoulders and narrow waist. I feel so good after swimming.

  5. If I bore down on scheduling and routines as much as he suggests, I would soon get tired of swimming and give it up.

  6. Thank you so much, coach. sometimes, I swim 6 days a week or 5 days a week, 75-90 minutes per day, because my coach told me that I have to take one or two days rest in order to recover myself. Even the Olympian, Right?!

  7. We’re only allowed one hour in the pool per day (covid). I go 5 x a week because weekends are too busy. I can only swim breast stroke so I do 2km every session of that and try to do technique drills within that. I enjoy overtaking people doing freestyle who assume they’ll be faster hehe 😜 desperate to learn freestyle but no lessons happening at the moment.

  8. I "try" to do only 1 (30 minute) swim session a week as I like to do other workouts, but thanks for sharing as this video gave me other ways to swim next time. I'm just worried about too much chlorine water exposure, I wish I could swim more in fresh water outdoors or "non-chlorinated" swimming pools

  9. These revolving door lockdowns are playing havoc with my training
    I started back with masters training nearly 2 years ago
    Everytime our state locks down our pools close so no swim training

  10. I used to swim 3 times a week until Covid hit. If I had the time I would be in the water everyday.
    Right now I can’t swim because had a major back injury at work, I can even stand up and can’t sit so it’s horrible, waiting for MRI. Sciatica is very painful.
    Used to do 7km per week. But also rock climb 3 times a week then mountain biking sometimes once a week.

  11. What is the difference between stroke and technique training? I'm a bit confused. Just got to 1100 yards per session and want to refine my swimming. I'm 71 and not nearly as strong as I was when younger.

  12. I'm a 56 year old woman and I swim an hour 4 times a week in a 30m pool at about 63 to 73 lengths. I've not lost weight but I have toned up these last 11 weeks. I love the feel of swimming. It feels like flying… and the buzz after is delightful 🥰

  13. This Whiteboard Wednesday was for me. I'm at the point where my schedule changes affect how much I am able to swim during the week, and it's not very consistent. This helped so much to set up a training plan for no matter how many days I have to swim. The pool is currently closed here because of Covid, but when it opens, I'm going to try these workouts. Thanks again, Fares!

  14. I swim 30 minutes every other day. I found when I was swimming 6 0 t o 90 minutes my body was losing strength and testosterone. My testosterone level went from Quest Diagnostics from 411 to 869. I have more muscle now and strength but I sink in the water. How can I get faster?

  15. I tend to exhale out the mouth underwater.. And still inhale water when i turn out for air.. Does exhaling out the nose make any difference

  16. Are my swim workouts potentially causing some sacroiliac joint pain I’m experiencing? I’m swimming 4-5 days per week for roughly 45 minutes each. Mostly freestyle. If so, is there something I can change or work on to avoid this issue?

  17. It depends how the availability and access you have to the pools….Especially here in Gothenburg, Sweden….I love both dive and swim….unfourtunetly in old arenas…With lots of clubs….But good video!

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