Historical! First Swimming Mixed-Gender Race at the Olympics | Tokyo 2020 Replays

In the swimming mixed 4x100m medley event teams can choose the order in which their swimmers compete, meaning during some legs women face off directly against men.

The event is one the highlights of the most gender-balanced Games in history, joining triathlon, judo, athletics, shooting, archery and table tennis in having a new mixed-gender Olympic event.

Great Britain swam to victory – and a new world record – in the debut Olympic mixed 4x100m medley relay final. China and Australia took silver and bronze respectively.


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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games took place in Japan, from July 23, 2021 to August 8, 2021.


  1. I didn't know what to expect clicking on this video. I usually hate swimming but I found this pretty fun!

  2. Тothing interesting, all the same just to please the leftists, mixed men and women, the whole tactic is to put 2 men in the beginning, so that from the middle not to be constantly catching up, that's all

  3. Backstroke -Regan smith
    Breaststroke -Michael Andrew
    Butterfly -Caleb drussel
    Freestyle-Simone Manuel or anyone who could swim less than 53 sec

    Would have bought atleast a medal to USA.

  4. Israel should have been kicked out of the competition. The tournament has lost much of its popularity due to the participation of Israel as a competitor. The world must raise their voice against the Israel state. We will never recognize this illegal occupation of the MIddle-East land. May the almighty punish the betrayers with severe punitive destructions.

  5. US required better Male breaststroker….and someone who can fill the gap of simone Manuel as she is clearly out of form. female spinters better than abby weitziel

  6. I cant believe how stupid are US coach. You have the best swimmers in every stroke and you loose. How can you put a women in the slowest stroke? Those are seconds lost.

  7. Glad to see mixed gender races introduced in Tokyo 2020. They are so interesting. Hope such races continue in future Olympics and World Championship.

  8. Please upload women's 100m and 200m backstroke final full replay, and Ariarne Titmus 200m and 400m finals full replays, Thank you

  9. honestly, ive done mixed relays in practice and I'm telling you:
    this event is DEFINETLY just and ONLY for the swimmers cause this thing is SO fun

  10. The US coaches were exceedingly stupid this year. Putting together this team, instead of a Smith, King or Jacoby, Dressel, Apple combo. Also, putting APPLE in the 200fr relay. It was so dumb.

  11. This really highlights just how much faster and more powerful the men are. You can't tell when they're racing against each other, but then you mix the genders together and all of sudden the difference is massive.

  12. It was great to see a mixed relay, great idea!
    I'm just waiting to see how many female transgender will be classed as the 2 female swimmers, if they keep this race in the Olympics.

  13. Breaststroke is the slowest stroke and this is where you find the biggest difference between men and women so it makes sense to have a man swim that leg. Freestyle is where there is the narrowest margin between men and women so having a woman swim this leg makes sense. I suspect butterfly, although the second fastest stroke is best swam by a man because, like breaststroke (from which it derives) it’s very much a ‘power’ stroke. That leaves backstroke for the woman.

    The US team got their line up horribly wrong.

  14. It is a pity China does not have a decent female 100m freestyle swimmer, this is the only drawback that prevents them from winning gold.

  15. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how anyone can watch mixed gender races and think it’s okay for trans women to compete against biological women?

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