Graceful freestyle swimming

Knowing how to swim smooth freestyle is essential for lap swimmers, triathletes, open water swimmers, waterpolo players, crossfit athletes and basically anyone wanting to swim as a workout.

The first thing to note is the position of the body. The more horizontal your body is, the easier it will be to swim though the water without a lot of resistance. The main issue people have is that their legs sink. To compensate they start kicking faster, then they get tired and their legs sink.

The next thing to master is to reduce excess drag. Advanced swimmers actually use very little energy to go forward while swimming smooth freestyle. This is because they have reduced the drag of their bodies as much as possible. One big part of it is the legs. Try to avoid bending your knees too much. For smooth freestyle doing a few narrow kicks, maybe one or two per stroke, should be enough to keep your legs a float. Finally point your ankles in plantar flexion, this will reduce your drag a substantial amount and will help you swim smoothly.

If you want to take your smooth freestyle to the next level, work on your core. It will give you stabilization for a better horizontal position. Work also one your flexibility. This will give you a better range of motion and reduce drag.

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  1. I’m 73 now but I love the first few lengths I do when I get in a pool especially if it’s only me in the lane. It all feels effortless and smoothe. However, I then quickly get out of breath and my muscles tire. Then my stroke gets ugly and I’m in survival mode for the rest of the session. That doesn’t stop me doing up to 100 lengths in an hour (mixed crawl and breaststroke) and in any case swimming for fitness is about effort expended rather than distance and efficiency isn’t it? I’ve only just come across your you tube videos so hopefully I can improve!

  2. Honestly I have a bige problem with breathing , I can't hold my breath for short period of time underwater , also I have always fear of feeling hypoxic .

  3. Swimming is getting better after watching your videos, only problem I have now is sometimes when I go to take a breath I suck in nothing but water. Any tips on how to avoid this?

  4. I am still not sure how to do strokes when freestyle.
    1. Which part you use when you push under the water?
    2. How you finish under the water?

  5. Can you do a video on how to do the double leg dolphin kick after changing direction at end of pool? Thank you.

  6. so much focus is on "swim fast" —but my goal is to swim smooth and for long distances – even if the pace is slow

  7. So, a I understand, leg motion is used for keeping legs from sinking, not for speed. Is that correct?

  8. This helped me a lot thanks! I just started swimming like 2 months ago and I'm the fastest developing student thanks to your videos!

  9. That tipping you side/shoulder/head exercise looks like fun! I will add it to my training, starting tomorrow!

  10. I don’t know how to swim slower and that why I can never do more than a single lap without needing a rest. If I slow down I feel I’m sinking and lose momentum. Any tips?

  11. What you said about beginners having too much air in their lungs to stay balanced really made sense to me. With that being true and having large legs because of being an avid cyclist I always struggled to maintain a good horizontal position. Very helpful information.

  12. I'm here because of our P.E Classes😁 Our teacher is requiring us to send a video doing this (but on the floor)🤦‍♀️but, it's kinda hard to swim on the floor😢 hope I can send it before the deadline😂🥺

  13. This is a very helpful video. Tapping the hip and shoulder during the stroke is interesting. I will try that during my swim today. Thanks!

  14. That's the body I want to have all my life!! Sigh…I will tho! By swimming accord to this channel!

  15. this guy has really good form, but if anyone is having trouble keeping their feet up they should remember to look straight down while swimming, this relaxes your neck muscles and elevates your hips. hope this helps!

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