Freestyle Swimming | My Hero Academia

Ep 39: Class 1-A decides to test their skills in a series of swimming races! Watch My Hero Academia on Crunchyroll:

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  1. Todoroki saying "Midoriya" for no reason is basically Subaru saying "Emilia"

  2. I know this episodes was filler and all, but I enjoyed it. Whenever I rewatch the series, I never skip this one.

  3. 0:22
    What about quirks ?
    Can we use them?
    Iida: Yes cause we're at school so there shouldn't be a problem

  4. I like how tokoyami just had a bird head and a normal body,
    Yet when I see fanarts of him with a normal head he's apparently black.

  5. Therapist:student do swimming contest/training with quirk isnt exsit! "

    The student who use quirk insteadof swimming:
    (only midoriya,ojiro,and shoji swim i guess-)

  6. Iida totally face planted into the wall at the end. There’s no way he didn’t while going at that speed.

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