Four-legged whale ancestors reached South America in an otter-like swimming style

A four-legged whale from Peru indicates that early whales crossed the South Atlantic before 42.6 million years ago and may have propelled like otters: with a robust tail and webbed fingers on their long feet. Full article:

Current Biology, Lambert et al.: “An amphibious whale from the middle Eocene of Peru reveals early South Pacific dispersal of quadrupedal cetaceans”

Peregocetus pacificus

Production: Stéphane Van Israël, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences


  1. Pseudo science at its best. Totally ridiculous . They see a few fragments of bones and then invent some new whale species with legs out of it. Just a complete joke that anyone takes this seriously. They have replaced real science with wishful imagination and artist drawings. Just pathetic.

  2. This doc is so good, thank you so much for your work it's very nice to see this as a peruvian

  3. The animal looks a bit like Nomu from My Hero Acadamia. Can "Nomu" be worked into it's scientific name?

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