Finding Nemo "Just Keep Swimming" Clip

Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo, re-releasing exclusively in 3D from 8 November 2012 onwards.

Pixar Animation Studios’ classic “Finding Nemo” returns to the big screen in Disney Digital 3Dโ„ข, introducing a new generation of family audiences to Nemo (voice by Alexander Gould), Marlin (voice by Albert Brooks) and Dory (voice by Ellen DeGeneres).


  1. Even though I was scared of this movie when I was young, Dory was what brought me out of my shell and to be brave on the obstacles I face. If Marlin hadn't met Dory, then he would still be a coward.

  2. Basically i am not giving up because im waiting for the day where i can say to myself โ€œ you can stop swimming now, you finally reached the shore โ€œ like atlas to lily

  3. Good Disney parents

    Marlin – While initially overprotective and bit overbearing, Marlin is a devoted father to his son Nemo and goes on a dangerous quest to get him back when he get taken.

    Coral- Tries to protect her children from getting killed which lead to her death.

    Crush – Is a laidback parent to Squirt but know that a parent must find a balance of finding when to get involved with your child's life and when to let them figure out on their own.

    Phil, Bob and Ted – While we do not explores their parenting much, they all each seems involved with their child. Bob especially will be quick to correct Sheldon's behavior if he makes a rude comment.

    Charlie and Jenny = Very caring to their daughter despite her having a poor memory and spend years trying to find her after they accidentally got separated.

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