Final Fantasy XV: Swimming Secrets

Learn how to swim in Altissia in the game Final Fantasy XV. By using a secret hidden move, you can enter the water and swim to 3 forbidden areas: Out to Sea, Down Waterfall, and the probable future forbidden DLC area. These Pro Tips require a bit of skill, but by following the step by step instruction, you can easily enter the water and swim anywhere there is water. Works on latest update (as of date of video) of Final Fantasy 15 (version 1.03). Gameplay walkthrough on PS4 Pro version of FFXV (FF15).


  1. I don't know why Noctis falling into the water at the start of the menu screen is so funny to me 🤣

  2. LMAO. You are such a game breaker dude. You're what is the developer's worst nightmare.

  3. Swim back to Cape Caem or Galdin Quay. Noctis falls in the water while the other 3 glaives did nothing.

  4. Why didn't they put this in the game that you can swim???? They could have some cool quests that you have to swim to. If they don't want you to be able to swim out of bounds, then just have a thing where you get too fatigued and drown. Or give you a Regalia Type-B for boat…

  5. просто поразительно, кому такое вообще на ум приходит

  6. Funktioniert!Ich hab die Deluxe Edition auf Disk das bedeutet ohne updates "version 1.00" Ladet euren spielstand in die Ps-plus Cloud oder auf nen USB!löscht dann NUR das game und beim "wieder installieren" müsst ihr die Internetverbindung trennen bzw nicht update!
    Sobald ihr den glitch geschafft haben & im wasser sein,solltet ihr am besten sofort 2-3 Speicherstände erstellen!denn beim "forschen//schwimmen" könnt ihr schnell in so ein Unendlichkeits Ding fallen & müsst dann nochmal den speicherststand laden!

  7. Noctis can join in 2020 Tokyo Olympics swimming 🏊 races. He must be a champion.

    Ignis: no time to swim. I have to prepare the dinner.
    Prompto: I cannot swim.
    Gladio: wt…do not want to swim.

  8. Maybe it's a good thing you only swim when battling Leviathan. Noctis is such a horrible swimmer. XD

  9. It's truly sad you have to do all this to swim since theres the animations and sound effects and all that for swimming.. they couldve just let you jump in water..

  10. WARNING: going out of water in a few areas might glitch the world map(R3) showing lucis instead of altissia

  11. I wish Icould explore all of Altissia.
    I feel incomplete.
    I would like to do this too. Since the official game doesn't allow you to do so.

  12. Frankly, i was both impressed and lol-ed at the same time. Guess I will be messing with Noct for him to swim this whole weekend

  13. It's almost like they wanted you to find this out. I mean, why would they implement a swimming animation if it's a glitch?

  14. When I try it, I arrive to the water bridge and then I make a bug in the game and I get back to normal!

  15. I feel like, around the time this was discovered, every single person forgot that you swim during the Leviathan fight. Everyone either assumed swimming was cut content or planned dlc. As someone else said, all this shows is that the who area uses normal water instead of just a texture.

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