Dynoro – Swimming In Your Eyes (Official Video)

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Video created by Clemens Hofbauer @animated.vision

Dynoro – Swimming In Your Eyes (Official Video)
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  1. I feel like listening and watching to Dynoros videos is expensive cuz…The visuals, the vocals, the beats and drops…

  2. This is a MASTERPIECE !!!! I dont get it how is this still with 700000 views? Video 10/10 Music 10/10 Vocal 10/10

  3. power hit radio 2021 topas vaikai po lelijom… jus rimtai megstat ta sudo gabala?! o kur ideta daug daugiau darbo ir daug geriau skamba,daug profesionaliau palikot uznugary… prastas musu skonis broliai ir seses

  4. hello i don't want to bother you but i got a complaint that something is suggested by you sorry if i did something i didn't know about it. I apologize if there are chiby or something does not make sense but I am Czech and I have it through the compiler

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