Drone Video of Wild Black Bear Swimming in a Lake

See a wild black bear swimming across Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon close to Crater Lake. The drone was flown well above the bear so as to not alarm or disturb it. Special thanks to Scott Ross who spotted the bear.
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  1. A masterful piece of piloting and smooth camera gimbal control (and compassionate consideration and respectful etiquette toward that precious brother and Black Bear Nation member).

  2. Hey, Gerald! Yes, that was polite drone etiquette. I always have a soft spot for bears, especially, and that one sure did NOT Stop, Look, and Listen (of course); I'm sure glad it made it across Hwy 140 there. Are there any other fellow drone-pilots you get together with here in Klamath County? I live in Chiloquin and would sure like to meet others with a like-mind about sober and responsible drone operation and exchange information with them, if anybody does that kinda' thing around here.

  3. Great video I just started making drone footage for my channel, check it out I only have one at the moment but I'm planning on more very soon, I watched a lot of your vids for inspiration, I'm subbed to you btw 🙂 keep up the good work!!

  4. That was pretty cool. So, how are you able to see what you're filming? Is it remotely remitting to a cell phone or laptop, etc.? Thank you.

  5. Beautiful sight, maybe one of the last. According to human activity we are to wipe out global diversity by two thirds by 2020.

  6. Very awesome to see! That bear had some serious stamina! After swimming that far he had no problem and plenty of energy to run up that hill and across the road!Great drone work!

  7. Well done boys, good eye, good drone. Good Pilot for not interfering with the animal. He looked like he was late for something….lol…..Beautiful fishing spot. No shortage of shoreline as we have here in NYC, although I like my water a little salty…:)….it is a Spectacular site to see. You are truly Blessed.

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