DIY Miniature Modern Party Home with Real Swimming Pool

Slime Sam is moving to a new house! If the house fits. He asks Sue to assemble another miniature house, this time for himself. Sue really loved assembling the house last time and she’s eager to make this one, too.

This miniature doll house has 4 rooms – a kitchen with the dining area, a living room, a bathroom and a bedroom. Moreover, this wonderful house comes with a swimming pool, real lights and a music box! Sam and Sue assemble it piece by piece and it’s relaxing to watch them work.

1:55 Sue turns a paper swimming pool into a real one!

3:04 This house has music

4:31 Furnishing the kitchen

5:49 A sofa for the living room

8:47 The coziest bedroom ever

10:29 Miniature bathroom

12:48 Filling the swimming pool with water

14:04 Cozy lights

Wow, this house is so pretty Sue wants to live there! But it’s small even for slime Sam. Oh well, it’s still the prettiest thing to look at! Right?

Check out this gingerbread house from cardboard Sue and Sam made for their hamsters

This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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