Dangers of Deep Diving with a Heavy Weight

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What will Happen? Is it Scary? Is it Safe?

Big Thanks to SCUBA Adventure for the use of their pool and expertise.
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Video Dialog:
This is a Very Deep Swimming Pool. It is the Deepest Pool in The Dallas Texas area.
And this is a very heavy kettlebell. In this video, I’m going to let this heavyweight
Drag Me to the bottom of this very deep swimming pool. In a minute I will do this but before I jump in Let’s consider how deep this pool is.
This swimming pool is deep enough to cover my whole house. That’s almost 20 feet deep! You Probably are wondering why I would want to get dragged so deep.
I love Exploring underwater but the deeper I go, the harder it is to go down.
Between holding my breath and the pressure on my ears it can be very difficult for most people to swim deep. So, before we walk off this edge and into the deep Let’s find out why this is so difficult for most people.
This is SCUBA Adventure. Scuba Adventure is a Dive Shop in Plano Texas. They have everything you need to go deep Including this incredible dive pool. Scuba adventure doesn’t just sell cool stuff They also teach people how to scuba dive.
These students are new to diving. They get into the water on their first day. With hands-on experience, they become comfortable with their gear and experience what it’s like to breathe underwater the instructors use hand signals to communicate with their students underwater. They teach them how to clear their mask and what to do in case of an emergency. They also specialize in buoyancy training, and they are very good at it.
This is Brent, He’s one of the owners at scuba adventure. I’m going to ask him some questions about deep diving.
Why do my ears hurt so much when I swim deep?
Sometimes I forget to equalize and it hurts
What’s the danger of breathing compressed air?
Let’s talk a little about air pressure and water pressure. Air pressure is the air pushing on your body. And the water pressure is the water pushing on your body.
Because water is denser than air, you feel more pressure when you are underwater. When you swim down a little bit, you can start to feel the pressure from the water pushing in on your ears and eyes. As you go deeper, the pressure increases because there is more water above you pushing down. If you go deep enough, the pressure pushing in on your eyes and ears can be so great it will start to cause pain. To show you the crushing pressure of deep water I will use this aluminum can. We emptied this can so we could show you how the water pressure can crush the can full of air. Watch the can closely as I swim to the bottom of the pool You will see the sides of the can squeeze under the weight of the water. This is why it is so important to equalize the pressure in your head with the water pressure. Watch as I go down, I plug my nose and blow to equalize that pressure. Now I can swim deep without hurting my ears.
Now it’s time to jump in with the heavy weight. Notice how I plug my nose and blow to counter the water pressure as I go deeper. It works every time and becomes easier as I practice. The weight is also fun to use to walk across the bottom of the swimming pool.
I can bring this 20-pound weight up from the bottom of the pool I can’t fill my back yard with water, but that won’t stop us from having some fun.
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