Cinder Our Chocolate Lab Goes Swimming

In Washington, we do not get very many nice days, so when we do, we try to leave work early to play for the day. Cinders owner was lucky enough to get off work early to take her to the “Off Leash Park” on the water of Puget Pound. Cinder had a blast. Thanks Boss! Visit Cinder at #chocolatelab #rangerrob #dogswimming
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  1. We did away with our Chocolate Lab's crate around 9 months. He's almost a year now and he sleeps downstairs on his cushion on the couch or his bed in the dining room. He has both rooms, access to his toys and water throughout the night. Only been one accident (albeit a messy one) but nothing torn, damaged and he sleeps quietly through the night until we come downstairs in the morning and it's straight out for a walk, pee and poop.

    Such a brilliant little dog. Although, little in the sense of young; he weighs around 70/80lbs! Not fat in any way, just a big lad.

  2. Great choice to take Cinder to park !! Smart bosses will learn that to keep good and happy employees , this kind of free x pays huge dividends. Great dog, owner and boss . Best to all ya!!!!

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