Caitlyn Jenner 'disappointed' in NCAA regarding UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas

Olympic Gold Medalist Caitlyn Jenner sounds off on ‘Hannity’ #hannity #foxnews

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  1. When us as biological women are being told that being a woman can not defined and that women don't actually exist then I think it really truly is because becoming a large issue they're trying to erase us it went from being transgender just want to be recognized to them trying to completely change gender and sexuality and erase women it's not fair it makes me sick I don't care what you do as a transgender person live your life but leave our children alone and leave us alone

  2. You have man and woman teams well I know this might sound crazy but why not have Trans teams🙄

  3. It shouldn't matter men and women are the same hasn't that been the argument. I think this is all a roose to teach women a lesson

  4. Can we stop pretending like this freak of a man should have any opinions on anything? What it needs is a trip to a mental hospital because its obviously sick and messed up. Thanks Bruce , but nobody cares what you think.

  5. The only way to make sports competition fair is to do it with like for like competitors: men vs men, women vs women, and trans vs trans!! How hard is that to understand???

  6. Thank you Caitlyn! You are a freaking amazing person and woman! Biological boys should not play in women’s sports it is 💯 wrong. Caitlyn knows more than anyone about sports and Transgenderism! You go girl!

  7. Did y’all know she undresses in front of the other women balls out and everything and they report her but nothing gets done about it because of cancel culture.

  8. Will is showing his truth ….he changed his name to Leah and knows that what he is doing lacks integrity! The trans women who do this are bullies and hate women whilst be dressed as a women

  9. You started it Ken Jenner when you became Caitlyn Jenner. Can you were a ten event decathlete gold medalist . What possessed you to become a woman because you're one of the ugliest women I've ever seen What is wrong with you men that think you want to be women if you do live in a closet and don't bug regular people in sporting events.

  10. Alright just wrote a 8 page paper on why the concept of allowing transgender athletes to participate in their desired gendered sport is horrible out of line. I wish I found this video while I was writing it

  11. Lia thomas knows exactly what (insert pronoun) is doing, and that is to win medals by using a distinct advantage

  12. There should just be another category, or until that can be worked out, she should be in the "male" category, not hijacking the women's category

  13. I miss when a freak was called a freak and a respectable person was called mam or sir. I dont condone violence towards people, please don't twist what I say. We could get them help at the very least. Something is wrong when a man grows up to be a male athlete and has a family then all of a sudden decides he is a woman. Wires got crossed maybe its drugs, steroids, fame or just having to listen to Kardashians speak. But this dude needs help not support in his delusions. I mean I identify as a 6 foot 4 NBA all star. I demand my 20 million dollar contract now. Seriously whats next child molesters welcome to teach our children because they can't help it? Its not wrong to call a spade a spade. We need to remember that in this society. We can't help people until we do. I really feel bad for these people nobody is giving them what they need.

  14. If I was on a team like this, I would throw a "real winner" party for the girl who should have won and the bullies involded wouldn't be invited.

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