Beginner Swimming Lessons (Part 1) | Learn Swimming

Part 2 :
Learn how to swim by watching this step-by-step beginner swimming lessons series. Best techniques for beginners.

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In this video we will learn following swimming lessons.
1 : Head under water. Breath holding drills.
2 : Starfish Float. Front float.
3 : Bluefish series. Bluefish float. Streamline kicks.
4 : Back float.
5 : Freestyle arms.
6 : Freestyle with roll and recover.
7 : Backfloat and backstroke.
8 : Safety drills

“How to Float on Water”
“How to Breathe while Swimming”
“How to Roll on your Side when Swimming”
“How to Float on your Back”
“How to Kick”
“Freestyle Kicking”
“Backstroke Kicking Drills”
“Water Survival Techniques”