Beginner Swimming Lessons (Part 1) | Learn Swimming

Part 2 :
Learn how to swim by watching this step-by-step beginner swimming lessons series. Best techniques for beginners.

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In this video we will learn following swimming lessons.
1 : Head under water. Breath holding drills.
2 : Starfish Float. Front float.
3 : Bluefish series. Bluefish float. Streamline kicks.
4 : Back float.
5 : Freestyle arms.
6 : Freestyle with roll and recover.
7 : Backfloat and backstroke.
8 : Safety drills

“How to Float on Water”
“How to Breathe while Swimming”
“How to Roll on your Side when Swimming”
“How to Float on your Back”
“How to Kick”
“Freestyle Kicking”
“Backstroke Kicking Drills”
“Water Survival Techniques”


  1. After watching this video I went to sea with my family . Man .. it is soooo hard none of the techniques worked . I swear tried Soo hard to move but I couldn't . And one reminder if u don't know swimming buy yourself swimming glasses and swimming hat and something to cover your nose and most importantly swimming clothes that you put in your arms idk in English. Please don't refuse to buy it it will help you stay up on the sea . And because of the salt in the sea it went through my nose from there to my neck it was horrible I literally cried it hurt sooo much and it happened me nearly 10 times . And another thing they say lay back and float in the water it is easiest they say BUT to float in there you have to put half of your head to water which include your ears . And when water comes to your ears it is terrible . And one thing you can drown in 1 meter water . Because it is so hard to stick your legs to the ground it will go up because of the pressure of water and your head will come under the water . I hope this helped you. you will not enjoy your swimming without life vest for arms pls buy one for a better experience. Thanks guys for reading it all through here☺️

  2. 😲😲I am so glad I found this swim coach videos. They are great! easy to follow. This man and his video is making me a comfortable, confident, brave swimmer. Thank you! Very much for these wonderful instructional videos.😘😘

  3. By the way I’m only seven and when I get off my trip I’m going to do swimming lessons I cannot do that I’ll drown

  4. I know how to swim better than this but ok i love watching these i like watching pool or swimming vids

  5. Lol I'm watching dese at 2:21 am I'm not tried I'm still watching and I'm so excited to pool in 5:59 am lol actually that so clod

  6. Thanks for the extremely helpful post. We've paid & feel jilted by Red Cross swim lessons for my grandson which in no way resemble this post – although I personally remember having swim lessons which resemble yours.

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