Australia sets world record in 4×100 free relay; USA earn bronze medal | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

Australia’s 4x100m freestyle relay team became the first quartet to crack 3:30, setting the first swimming world record of the Tokyo Olympics, while Simone Manuel anchored Team USA to a bronze medal finish. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #Swimming
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Each swimming event is broken up into rounds with the purpose of trimming the field of competitors (which can sometimes number upwards of 90+ for individual events) down to a final race of eight. Individual events at distances of 200m and shorter require three rounds: preliminary heats, semifinals, and a final. Each athlete participates in one of several preliminary heats in hopes of recording a top-16 time, thereby advancing to the semifinals.

From there, the eight fastest swimmers across both semifinal heats advance to the final. Individual events at distances of 400m or longer, along with all relay events, do not include a semifinal round. In these events, only the top eight swimmers or teams across the preliminary heats advance to the final. In the event of a tie for the final lane in a semifinal or final round, tied competitors swim an additional head-to-head race to determine who advances. This is also known as a “”swim off””. Olympic swimming competition days generally contain two sessions: one for only preliminary heats, and a second for semifinals and finals. The exceptions are the first day of competition, which lacks a semifinal/final session, and the last day, which does not contain a heats session.

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Australia sets world record in 4×100 free relay; USA earn bronze medal | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports


  1. they kinda just knew australia would dominate that they were talking about how clutch natalie hines was when mckeon swam the 5th fastest split of all time and the fastest by someone not named cate campbell

  2. I’m still confused on how Simone got to compete in the final of this relay but didn’t final at Olympic trials. Any thoughts? Is that not messed up that they didn’t add someone that actually got too 4? Did smoliga have other plans? Did the 5th place person not wanna go? Enlighten me

  3. When it comes to women's 4×100 freestyle relay, Aussie women are just competing with the clock not with the other teams.

  4. Where the was the cheating that the Americans were crying about? Lol I live in America and proud to be one, take a loss like a champ.

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    I wonder since when USA’s media full of little man ?

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  15. People in Australia live half their lives in the water. So much so that they have webbed feet and hands! LOL And they have to out swim all those Great White Sharks!


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  20. Would like to watch with Australian commentary instead of the slanted American propaganda media version

  21. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Jesus Christ is the only way, KJV.

  22. Happy for Australia. Not so much for medaling, but the fact they are rising up and resisting the Globalists' takeover. Remain strong Australia. Freedom will prevail.

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