Artistic Swimming Olympic Qualifier – Italy is GOLD 🥇

Italy showcase their talents and strengths in this choreography which was loaded with Acrobatics and Hybrids.

The Italians were awarded 93.2333 for their performance that enabled to claim the Gold Medal and a pass for the Olympic Games!

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  1. WOW…just incredible! 😍 I can’t even imagine how the artistic swim gals do it… keeping count under water, holding your breath, staying upside down without touching the floor even once, twirling and flipping, remembering your next move, staying in sync with your team mates and emoting through appropriate facial expressions…. All this …and I assume the routines must be different for various competitions so they have to learn new routines and moves every few months! Everything is just incredible! All the artistic swimmers should be awarded medals just for qualifying! ❤️Bravo to all and especially to this Italian team… gave me goosebumps! 👍👍👍

  2. Hmmm, I’m still iffy. While I think these ladies were great and deserved their score. I still think USA’s score was low. Maybe it was their music the judges didn’t like. I really enjoyed their performance a bit more than this one, but these ladies were great as well.

  3. Maybe it’s cause im a good swimmer but…. This just doesn’t look difficult.. like if someone taught me the choreography. It looks harder to perform exactly like your team but not actually doing the routine. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Sooo everyone in the audience with masks on…. But only when it fits their agenda, why aren’t the swimmers required to wear them? (I know why I’m just being a smartass) no one should be wearing masks, especially when they are proven to not work, they do more harm than good, stop the madness

  5. Totalmente una disciplina para mujeres ….con los mil sentidos a full ❤️ y la precisión de maquillaje,niño, biberón ,regaño…el labial,los cubrebocas, el cinturón de seguridad…el juguete favorito del bebé,cerrar la casa salir corriendo y beso al marido 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭❤️😘

  6. Кто в лес, кто по дрова…где синхронность? нет зрелищности…

  7. See this, this is why I respect Italians. Rome may have fallen yes, but their descendants are like Phoenixes when it comes to Sports and the Arts. From turmoil, from stress, they shine and keep on going.

    That's Italians.

  8. Swords and daggers dancing above the water – so sharp and deadly! And love their swimsuit design. They deserved the no. 1 spot!

  9. They manage to win in this contest, but in the Olympics they actually lost & lose… Russia, China & Ukraine are the top winners at the recent Tokyo Olympics 2020…

  10. I had rather watch more of the Elegant Dance in the Water instead of this hard intense movement, the Music and all of it ,just to harsh! Nothing like the 50's and 60's, it was like watching Swans dancing!

  11. this sport is crazy… it's likeeee cheerdance but in water. is the music really loud in these events? coz… how do they do that????

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