Andrew Garfield Performs 'Swimming' | tick, tick…BOOM! | Netflix

Jonathan (Andrew Garfield) works through his stress and creative block at the pool, and ends up with a revelation. 🏊‍♂️🎶 See the rest of the incredible songs and performances in tick, tick…BOOM! on Netflix.


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Andrew Garfield Performs ‘Swimming’ | tick, tick…BOOM! | Netflix

On the brink of turning 30, a promising theater composer navigates love, friendship and the pressure to create something great before time runs out.


  1. I love the part of the sequence where the notes first show up on the line he’s following, then on the others, then they show up across the entire pool floor. Feels like a really cool way to illustrate having a breakthrough and then realizing that it’s interwoven into something so much bigger than yourself.

  2. I wasn't a swimmer AT ALL, but this reminds me so much of college and going on runs/using the rowing machines late at night to early in the morning in order to spur creativity and productivity, oh my god. College days for sure. I can't believe how relatable this is.

  3. One of the amazing things about Andrew Garfield is that he sings more in-tune than a lot of professional singers. I realize it's a movie and he had multiple takes to make sure he was on pitch, but that's still really impressive for someone with so little musical training. He could probably be a really talented musician if he worked at it.

  4. the art on the wall at the beginning reminds me a lot of keith haring's work, who make a lot of art themed around hiv/aids, does anyone know if this was purposeful?

  5. Apparently Jonathan cut this song from his one-man show because it couldn't work on stage and wasn't brought back when it was turned into a three-person show in 2001.
    Lin only brought this back because it can work on the movie format and they actually have a pool to do it in.

  6. Was Jon ADHD? A lot of his mannerisms indicate he was but, was it ever disclosed? Hyper fixation on projects, becoming distracted during swimming by everything around him etc. Just curious.


  8. 1:03 Don't know why the way he says "move!" is so funny😂😂
    I guess it's kinda reminds of high school hallways and the people in front of me walking soooo slow when I'm just tryin to get to class on time😂

  9. The fact that Lin found this pool at random and it was the actual pool Jonathan swam in is absolutely incredible

  10. Interesting tidbit I read – "It took three days to film and might have taken longer had Garfield not swam it all himself. Andrew’s father is the head coach of the UK’s prestigious Guildford City Swimming Club. Lin Manuel Miranda joked “the fact that he’s a Michael Phelps level swimmer is just total serendipity. Once he got started the stunt double looked at me and said “I can’t swim that fast”

  11. This is the only thing I didn't like in the whole movie. Not the song, I love all songs, but who goes swimming when he has a deadline in the next 12 hours and has no electricity and a fight with his gf. I knew they would do something cliche as they were elongating the "I cant write" story for the entire story, but it should not have been swimming the night before and giving it to the singer an hour ago and hoping for the best.

  12. People's actor-Andrew Garfield

    legendary Spider-Man-Andrew Garfield

    A greatest singer-Andrew Garfield

    an actor who can do any sport-Andrew Garfield

    I have to admit he's a god who came from heaven to impress people in the earth

  13. Andrew Garfield is my biggest celebrity crush ever!!!!😅❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I'm in love with him❣❣

  14. They hired a swimming double for him here, but they didn't need to since Andrew was trained by his swimming coach father since he was a kid 🤣 They also planned to shoot this for 2 days, but they finished in a day since Andrew's a capable swimmer.

    The swimming double is still credited in the ending credits! Good thing that he still got paid!!

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