Anastasia Pagonis’ Loyal Guide Dog Sits Next To Swimming Pool During Practice | The Dodo Teammates

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Most loyal dog ever sits on the edge of the pool the whole time his Paralympic swimmer mom, Anastasia Pagoanis @Anastasia _K_P , is at practice 💙

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To follow Anastasia’s journey with her guide dog Radar, you can keep up with them on Instagram:

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  1. “Seeing people with the same disabilities” I’m sorry what?! This is an inspirational story though!!

  2. Every time I see a dog I think about how my next door neighbor's house used to smell it reek of dog he sees and dog hair when you put it in the vacuum cleaner and it starts to burn oh my God you can smell it through the walls and on top of that they had roaches and mice I had to use the combat gel and black pepper and cayenne pepper mix to keep rodents and pests out my house 🤣

  3. This girl is adorable, I love her ambition and confidence.❤ And the dog well we all knows he's marvelous 😍

  4. She may have lost her vision but her heart and spirit has increased. Part of that is because of Radar, such a good boy.
    And that coach is quite amazing as well.

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