A REGULAR GIRL tried an OLYMPIC HEIGHT at the swimming pool

A Regular girl tried jumping off the highest tower. Masha thought she would be just fine going to the 10 meters. But she changed her opinion after she actually tried to jump off some of the platforms…Will she be able to dive off the ten meters? Watch now!

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00:00 Intro
00:45 Dared to jump off 10 meters?
01:25 Trampoline skills from Masha
01:49 1 meter jump
02:13 A deal to make Jim jump in
02:44 3 meters front jump
03:21 5 meters straight dive
04:09 Jump from 7 meters
05:14 Surprise on the tower
06:02 10 meters platform jump
06:45 Tandem jump off 10 meters

Who should be watermagic’s next guess on the highest platform? Comment below!

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Diving on the TV:
Masha’s video:
Diving fail:

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  1. I'm convinced watermagic uses this channel as his cover to get dates with beautiful women after filming is over 🙂

  2. That is awesome of her! I dove into a pool a few years ago, but just yesterday did 3 headfirst dives off a dock about 3ft high at high tide after challenging some athletic teenage boys. 3rd time was way better. I'm determined to improve my jump. Belly busting isn't fun nor is scraping off your knuckle skin at the bottom. Lol thanks for the video! Very motivating. 😊

  3. My record is 17 meter, in French from a bridge above the ardeche. Why did I do that? To get the attention of the girls xp

  4. yeah make another episode with her to see if it falls off, but gotta upload an uncensored version on some site for us

  5. She's really brave. I would only be confident to do 5 feet and under 😭

  6. The view from the tower is terrifying as I'm afraid of heights. This is great channel to subscribe , thank you.

  7. He must be joking about pushing her off? That isn't professional at all.
    That leads to injuries too. Someone in my country did that to their friend and she broke her back. Now her friend is in prison.

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