365 Day Build Million Dollar Projects With Swimming Pool Water Slide And Underground House

#PrimitiveSurvival #MillionDollarProjects
It would be great if we could live in a pollution-free environment. We will build a bamboo house by the stream, together we will build an underground house around which will have a swimming pool and raise a few dogs. our life will be very interesting and wonderful !!!
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  1. 구독자를 죽이다니 소맥 당신은 도덕책….

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  3. عتههتتععع0 'رى

  4. i know these aren't actual survival but i love watching them build and then do stuff after 🙂

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  6. Oh p.s atleast put a plug or bamboo that can be removed so the water can be changed from time 2 time .& try 2 fill it as much as possible the pools great ; but it can be greater..trust me we have millions in the 🇺🇲

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